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As a firm, we have more than half a century of experience helping people in Hudson County and throughout New Jersey right the wrongs that have been done to them. Our major areas of focus include employment law, workers' compensation, personal injury, and Social Security Disability appeals.

Employment Law for Employees

  • Discrimination : We represent employees in all types of discrimination claims including pregnancy, age, disability, religion, race and sex discrimination.
  • Title VII violations : We assist employees in filing a discrimination claim under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This includes failing to hire, promote, train, or treat equally based on age, race, religion, national origin or color.
  • Harassment : Our lawyers represent the victims of inappropriate touching, verbal harassment, solicitations, threats and more.
  • Hostile work environments: Our firm represents employees who cannot reasonably perform their work, due to certain behaviors by management or co-workers that are deemed hostile such as rudeness, yelling or annoying behavior.
  • FMLA violations : Refusing to allow time off for illness, eliminating the position of a person on FMLA leave, or failing to grant full benefits are all reasons to file an FMLA violation claim against an employer.
  • Whistleblower protection : As a firm, we handle matters involving the Whistleblower Act, Qui Tam, and issues such as OSHA violations, workplace safety violations, fraud and more.
  • Wage and hour disputes : We handle pay-related disputes involving violations of Federal minimum wage laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the New Jersey Minimum Wage Law.
  • Unemployment appeals: We handle unemployment appeals for employees throughout New Jersey.
  • Wrongful or retaliatory terminations: This includes retaliating against someone for filing a workers' compensation claim, questioning discriminatory acts, refusing to engage in unethical practices and more.

Workers' Compensation

As a firm, we offer a comprehensive service and handle all aspects of the workers' compensation process. We also handle a variety of work injury and disease-related cases. Our workers' compensation attorneys represent clients in matters involving:

  • Workers' compensation retaliation : Our workers' compensation attorneys handle all violations of the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act including cases where medical treatment or time off are denied and retaliatory firings.
  • Occupational injuries and diseases : These include repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel, post-traumatic stress disorder, and workplace exposures resulting in diseases such as emphysema and asbestosis.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

  • Personal injury : Our practice includes auto accidents, premises liability, products liability, railroad accidents, construction site accidents, professional malpractice and more.
  • Wrongful death : We help families of accident victims recover compensation for loss of life, financial loss, medical expenses and more.
  • Toxic torts and products liability : We handle torts involving mold, asbestos, chemical exposure, and other toxic substances as well as injuries resulting from dangerous or defective products.

Social Security Disability

Because of greatly increased burdens on the Social Security Administration, applications can be denied wrongfully for various reasons. If you have been denied SSD benefits to which you are entitled, please contact us to appeal your rejection.

Protect Your Rights as an Employee or Accident Victim

To protect your rights—call us toll free at (800) 760-0011 or (201) 656-5232 and schedule a initial consultation or contact us directly by e-mail in Jersey City, New Jersey, today.

Our law offices are conveniently located just two blocks from the Journal Square PATH station and all cases are handled on a contingency basis. You will pay no attorneys' fees unless we recover compensation in your case.

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