Wrongful Termination

Jersey City Wrongful Termination Attorneys

Have you been fired from your job because you brought a complaint about your wage and hours, that you were not being paid overtime or the proper wage rate? Or were you let go of your job after your boss found out that you were pregnant? Or were you terminated because of your race, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality/ethnicity or because you suffer from a disability? If you believe you have been fired from a job for an illegal reason, you may have a wrongful termination claim.

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Newark Wrongful Discharge Lawyers

In New Jersey, most employment is "at will." This means that your employer can fire you at any point for any or no reason.

Even if your employment is "at will," you may have claim for wrongful termination if your employer fired you illegally. Illegal reasons to terminate employment include:

Our attorneys will help protect your employment rights if you have been illegally terminated from your job. We will fight hard to win your wrongful discharge lawsuit in court. If your lawsuit is successful, you may be able to get your job reinstated, receive back pay or front pay, awarded damages or other forms of relief.

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