Unemployment Appeals

Jersey City Unemployment Appeals Attorneys

If you have been let go from your job, you may be eligible for unemployment compensation. Even if you have been denied unemployment compensation, you still have the opportunity to appeal the decision and fight for your benefits. Unemployment compensation is a way to help you and your family financially, as you search for a new job. You deserve a chance to get back on your feet, and the attorneys at Krumholz Dillon, P.A., can help you with the appeal.

Since 1956, Krumholz Dillon, P.A., has been protecting the rights of employees throughout New Jersey. Contact our employment law lawyers today at (201) 656-5232 or (800) 760-0011 for assistance with unemployment appeals.

What If My Unemployment Claim Has Been Denied?

If you have a denied claim for unemployment, you still have a chance to get the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys understand the unemployment appeals process in New Jersey and can represent you throughout the entire process.

In New Jersey, both the employer and the person seeking unemployment benefits have the right to file an unemployment appeal to the Appeals Tribunal of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The appeal must be filed within a specific period of time set by the DOL. Once the appeal has been filed, a hearing will be scheduled by the DOL. You may have a further right of appeal to the Board of Review and the Appellate Division.

Our law firm will guide you through the entire appeals process. We will make sure you file your appeal on time, with all the necessary information. Our attorneys will be fully prepared to represent you at your hearing and present the evidence in an effective manner to the examiner.

Do Not Lose Hope — Protect Your Rights

Just because you have been denied unemployment compensation the first time, does not mean you can never collect unemployment. Do not lose hope. The team at Krumholz Dillon, P.A., will protect your right to receive unemployment compensation for getting terminated or laid off from your job. Contact our Jersey City attorneys at (201) 656-5232 or (800) 760-0011 for help with your unemployment appeal.